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[audio]IUMA: Taliesin
The Band founded in 1997. We a six musicans all with different taste of music. This we try to use in our music.
Keywords: Taliesin
Downloads: 7
[texts]Poems from the Book of Taliesin - Evans, John Gwenogvryn, 1852-1930
The metadata below describe the original scanning. Follow the "All Files: HTTP" link in the "View the book" box to the left to find XML files that contain more metadata about the original images and the derived formats (OCR results, PDF etc.). See also the What is the directory structure for the texts? FAQ for information about file content and naming conventions.
Keywords: Taliesin
Downloads: 1,143
[texts]Taliesin (Volume 28) - Jones, John Morris-, Sir, 1864-
Keywords: Taliesin; Evans, John Gwenogvryn, 1852-; Welsh poetry -- History and criticism
Downloads: 1,440
[texts]Taliesin, or, The bards and Druids of Britain : a translation of the remains of the earliest Welsh bards, and an examination of the bardic mysteries - Nash, David William, 1809 or 10-1876
Book digitized by Google from the library of Oxford University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Keywords: Taliesin; Welsh poetry; Welsh poetry; Bards and bardism; Druids and Druidism
Downloads: 960
[texts]netbks.com__living architecture
netbks.com__living architecture
Keywords: design; architecture; thai; wright; iii; tin; arc; organic; designed; frank lloyd; organic architecture; lloyd wright; taliesin architects; living architecture; william wesley; performing arts; copyrighted material; wright school; taliesin fellowship
Downloads: 210
[movies]Kana's Korner - Interview with Taliesin Jaffe
After seeing him at Anime Vegas, we tied Taliesin Jaffe up in the Korner and had an official interview. Hear all about the cool stuff he's been working on like Hellsing!
Keywords: video gaming; 918thefan; 91.8; kanas; korner; interview; taliesin; jaffe; director; beck; mongolian; chop; squad; hellsing; super; street; fighter; 4; iv; blanka; adon
Downloads: 8
[movies]Hoodoo How To Bless A Pendant - Taliesin McKnight
Here I give a very simple method to bless a Saint pendant or medal in Catholic Conjure. This method is not reserved only to the Hoodoo tradition, however. This can really be applied to any form of magick that works within a Catholic paradigm.Keywords: hoodoo conjure rootwork magick folk magic spells spell occult occultism voodoo saint magical saints angels witch witchcraft spiritual Taliesin McKnight folk tradition amulet talisman pendant
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; hoodoo; magick; spells; spell; magic; conjure; rootwork; catholic conjure; magick; saints; saint; voodoo; new orleans; witch; witchcraft; occult; occultism
Downloads: 26
[movies]Magick Spells 101: Evil Tongue Spell to Stop Gossip & Slander - Taliesin McKnight
Here I present the fundamentals of magick and practical occultism along with this simple spell to stop gossip and slander. Magick in this lesson is composed of 3 fundamentals:*Symbol of the Situation*Magickal Link to the Target*Emotional EnergyMagick is thousands of years old. And many people still practice it today. Magick is essentially a ritualized symbol of a goal or desire. The first element we talk about is the symbol of the problem...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; spells; spell; magick; occult; occultism; magic; witch; wtichcraft; gossip spell; brujeria; hoodoo; conjure; occult; occultism; wicca; wiccan; pagan; paganism; thelema; ritual; ceremony
Downloads: 200
[texts]Schumacher's Taliesin line of decorative fabrics and wallpapers / designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. - F. Schumacher & Co.
[36] p. : ill., col. samples ; 58 cm. trade catalog.
Keywords: Frank Lloyd Wright; Taliesin; Interior decoration -- catalogs; Textile fabrics -- Catalogs; Wallpaper -- catalogs; Division 09; Division 12; wall finishes; wall coverings; textile wall coverings; wallpapering; curtains and drapes; draperies
Downloads: 166
[movies]Occult Secrets Revealed: The Great Work - Taliesin McKnight
The "Great Work" or "Magnum Opus" is a term thrown around a lot in the occult community. It is a term that derives from alchemy. Quite simply, the Great Work is turning base metals, such as lead, into gold. This symbolizes self-change or self-transformation. Usually, this refers to obtaining union with the Divine. However, the great work of turning lead into gold sometimes refers to self-perfection or actualization...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; great work; occult; occultism; magick; golden dawn; thelema; rosicrucian; rosicrucianism; alchemy; gnosis; gnostic; gnosticism; hermetic; hermeticism; hermetism; hermes trismegistus; tarot; qabalah; consciousness; spiritual; religion; hermetica
Downloads: 212
[movies]Sigil Magick - Taliesin McKnight
Sigil magick, as we know it today, was developed by the British occultist Austin Osman Spare. Sigil magick is simple and requires no elaborate tools, except a pen and paper. It uses symbols to imprint the subconscious mind with a desire we wish to see manifested in our lives.
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; taliesin; mcknight; sigil; seal; symbol; magick; magic; sigil magick; sigil magic; sigil spells; spells; witch; witchcraft; wicca; wiccan; pagan; paganism; voodoo; hoodoo; ritual; chaos; chaos magick; occult; occultism; secret; the; subconscious; mentalism; consciousness; creation; creative; mind; thought; psychic; meditation; bota; kaos; power; mental magick; affirmations; cosmic; cosmic mind; desires; manifest; manifesting; goals; spell
Downloads: 457
[movies]Hoodoo Spells 101: Working with Ancestors & the Dead - Taliesin McKnight
Ancestor work is usually the first thing one learns in Hoodoo tradition. It is absolutely essential when delving into the Spirit World to have some sort of guides and protectors. Ancestors are powerful spiritual allies. They are the ones that love us and should have more interest in our happiness than most other spirits out there. In this video, I will show you how to build your own ancestor altar and begin working with your loved ones who have "crossed over."keywords: hoodoo conjure rootwork sp...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; hoodoo; conjure; rootwork; voodoo; spells; spell; magick; magic; folk magic; occult; occultism; wicca; wiccan; pagan; paganism; ancestor; ancestors; dead; summon; summoning; evocation; altar; hoodoo altar; lesson; lessons; witch; witchcraft; spiritual
Downloads: 104
[movies]MAGICK SPELLS 101: Sweetening Spells & Sugar Magick, Honey Jar Spells - Taliesin McKnight
Sweetening Spells are used to "sweeten" someone towards you. It can be a hostile co-worker, a boss that wants to fire you, or an irate neighbor. Those who wish you harm can be sweetened into favoring you more. And this is the purpose of this kind of magick. In this video, I will show you how to use honey jars and sugar bowls, as well as the basic principles at work.Keywords: magick occult occultism magick hoodoo conjure spells spell honey jar sweetening sugar witch witchcraft wiccan pagan pagani...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; hoodoo; conjure; rootwork; magick; occult; occultism; spells; spell; voodoo; wicca; wiccan; pagan; paganism; sugar spells; honey jar spell; honey jar; sweetening magick; sweetening spells; sweetening; consciousness; spirituality; folk magick; folk magick
Downloads: 271
[movies]Magick Occult Radio: Luciferianism & the LHP with Jeremy Crow - Taliesin McKnight
Welcome to another episode of Magick Occult Radio! Last time we discussed the Saints in folk Catholicism. And today we are doing something completely different. We are going to present real information on Luciferianism and the Left Hand Path. We have our hosts Taliesin McKnight and Vayu Tiger, and our special guest is Jeremy Crow. We will also talk about the International Left Hand Path Convention, which is coming up, as well as the LRS (Luciferian Research Society)...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; vayu tiger; magick occult radio; magick; magic; occult; occultism; radio; spells; spell; luciferian; luciferianism; lucifer; left hand path; lhp; luciferian research society; jeremy crow; witch; witchcraft; illuminism; pagan; paganism; wicca; wiccan; lhp; chaos; satanism; satanist
Downloads: 51
[movies]MAGICK SPELLS: Money Candle Spells in Hoodoo & Conjure - Taliesin McKnight
Here I give full instructions in the use of candle magick, discussing money spells in particular. There are 3 basic ideas to understand in candle spells. There are (a) the use of color symbolism, (b) the use of herbal oils, and (c) the statement of intention or prayer. This is all that is needed to know in order to accomplish this type of work. However, this is much more to it than that. Here, we cover all the basics...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; hoodoo; conjure; rootwork; voodoo; spells; spell; magick; magic; occult; occultism; witch; witchcraft; money spell; money spells; candle magick; candle spell; candle spells; money magic; wicca; wiccan; pagan; paganism; prosperity; consciousness; conjuration
Downloads: 109
[movies]The "Secret" of Magick - the Hermetic Axiom "as Above, so Below" in Rosicrucian Alchemy & Qabalah - Taliesin McKnight
The Hermetic axiom "as Above, so Below" is often thrown around in the esoteric community. It refers to the inter-connectedness between the microcosm and macrocosm. This phrase comes from the Emerald Tablet ascribed to Hermes Trismegistus. This is often seen as the "key" to unlock the secrets of magick or to transmute base metals into gold in Rosicrucian philosophy. This concept derives from Hermeticism and has ties to the Qabalah as well...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; hermetic; hermeticism; hermetism; alchemy; magick; occult; occultism; astrology; wiccan; wicca; pagan; paganism; theology; golden dawn; thelema; gnosticism; gnostic; gnosis; hermes trismegistus; consciousness; as above so below; rosicrucianism; rosicrucian; mithras; mithraism; mystery school; mystery schools; mysteries
Downloads: 341
[texts]Frank Lloyd Wright - Iain Thomson
Frank Lloyd Wright - Iain Thomson
Keywords: wright; lloyd; taliesin; house; wnght; prairie; frank; usonian; sullivan; visual; frank lloyd; lloyd jones; exposed concrete; oak park; lloyd wright; visual encyclopedia; prairie house; spring green; concrete block; textile block
Downloads: 356 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]The Basics of Hermeticism - Taliesin McKnight
SOURCES/FURTHER READING Full text of the Corpus Hermeticum: Perfect Sermon or Asclepius: Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth: Hermetism Hermeticism Hermetic Hermes Trismegistus Thoth Hermetica alchemy magick magic occult occultism rosicrucian rosicrucianism rosy cross amorc egyptian gnosis gnostic gnosticism enlightenment illumination spiritual spiritualit...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; hermetic; hermeticism; hermetism; hermes trismegistus; thoth; hermetica; alchemy; magick; astrology; rosicrucian; rosicrucianism; occult; occultism; gnostic; gnosticism; gnosis; enlightenment; spirituality; esoteric; mystery school; mystery schools; mystery cult; isis; horus; egyptian; pagan; paganism; wicca; wiccan; qabalah; transmutation; spiritual; spirituality; theosophy; amorc; great work; thelema; tarot; golden dawn; corpus hermeticum
Downloads: 219
[movies]MAGICK SPELLS: Voodoo Dolls, Poppets & Doll Babies - Taliesin McKnight
Voodoo dolls, spirit dolls, poppets, and doll babies are all different terms for the same thing--a doll used to represent a target in magick. These can be made of cloth, clay, wax, or even wood. There are specific items that are often placed within the doll to empower it. These are herbs and personal concerns.Keywords: taliesin mcknight voodoo dolls spirit doll babies occult occultism magick spells spell witchcraft witch wicca wiccan pagan paganism hoodoo conjure ceremonial magick love money luc...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; hoodoo; magick; occult; occultism; conjure; spells; spell; voodoo; voodoo doll; voodoo dolls; doll babies; spirit doll; poppet; poppets; wicca; wiccan; pagan; paganism; witch; witchcraft; curses; curse; love spell; love spells; good luck; mojo; paranormal; occultist; ritual; ceremonial magick; folk magick; folk magic; magic
Downloads: 164
[movies]Occult Secrets Revealed: The Triangle of Solomon - Rosicrucian Alchemy Qabalah & Hermeticism - Taliesin McKnight
The triangle is a very important symbol in Western Esotericism. This is the Triad of Pythagoras. It represents the reconciliation of opposites. All begins with the Monad, which is undifferentiated Unity. From this comes the Duad, which is differentiation, the separation of subject and object, the introduction of contrast and polarity. The Triad represents the union of opposites to create a third point.This is part of the "Occult Secrets Revealed" series in which we try to take a serious and rati...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; tarot; alchemy; rosicrucian; rosicrucianism; qabalah; consciousness; spiritual; religion; wiccan; wicca; pagan; paganism; occult; occultism; magick; spells; tree of life; mystery schools; mystery school; school; mithras; pyramid; egypt; egyptian; solstice; equinox; cycle of the sun; occult; secrets; esoteric; golden dawn; thelema; crowley; hermeticism; hermetic; hermetism; hermes trismegistus; gnosis; gnostic; gnosticism
Downloads: 180
[movies]HOW TO REVERSE A CURSE - Sending Evil Back to the Sender in Hoodoo Conjure Magick & Spells - Taliesin McKnight
REVERSING A CURSE: Sending Evil Back to the Sender[If someone has cursed you or psychically attacked you, this is how to send it back to them]Materials:* one small mirror* black candle (or double-colored candle [e.g. white and black]* some reversing oilRitual:Take a black candle (or double-colored candle), cut the top off, turn the candle upside down, and carve a new wick on the bottom.. This is called "butting" the candle...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; hoodoo; conjure; rootwork; occult; occultism; magick; spells; spell; voodoo; hoodoo; mojo; curse; hex; remove curse; curse removal; hexes; curses; wiccan; wicca; pagan; paganism; witch; witchcraft; ritual; uncross; uncrossing; spirits; paranormal; break curse; remove curse; remove hex; reversing; reversing spell; reverse curse; reverse hex; reversal spell; reverse spell; spirits; double action; candle spell; candle magic; candle magick; reverse; reversal; root work
Downloads: 115
[movies]Occult Secrets REVEALED: the Emerald Tablet & the Hermetic Philosophy of Hermes Trismegistus - Taliesin McKnight
Today's lesson covers the Emerald Tablet and its relation to Western magick tradition. The tablet is often seen as a sort of "key" to unlock the secrets of alchemy and manifesting your world. It is often summed up with the occult maxim "As Above, so Below." The Visible is a manifestation of the Invisible. This is often seen as a sort of law, which serves as a popular theory on the mechanics governing magick...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; emerald tablet; hermes trismegistus; alchemy; rosicrucian; rosicrucianism; gnosis; gnostic; gnosticism; hermetic; hermeticism; hermetism; qabalah; hermetica; hermes; mysticism; occult; occultism; thelema; golden dawn; astrology; astrological; alchemy; agrippa; three books of occult philosophy; talismans; magick; occult; occultism; witchcraft; magic; spell; spells; spiritual
Downloads: 147
[movies]MAGICK SPELLS 101: Cleansing Away Bad Luck & Negative Energy - Taliesin McKnight
OLD SCHOOL TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUES FOR GETTING RID OF BAD LUCK & NEGATIVE ENERGYNegative spiritual conditions, such as bad luck, can be caused by a number of factors. These include de facto curses sent against you by an enemy working destructive magick, your own psychic debris (which we all accumulate sometimes), and the negative intentions of others. The burning of herbs and the use of holy water is found in many different magickal traditions around the world...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; hoodoo; conjure; spells; spell; magick; magic; witch; witchcraft; occult; occultism; voodoo; curse; hex; rituals; ritual; wicca; wiccan; pagan; paganism; banish; banishing; banishment; banishing ritual; energy; consciousness; spirits; paranormal; ceremonial; ceremonial magick; golden dawn; thelema; good luck; bad luck; cleansing
Downloads: 263
[movies]Saint Lucy - Hoodoo Conjure Rootwork Magick Spells - Taliesin McKnight
Link to purchase images will be up in a couple days.Saint Lucy is a popular saint in Hoodoo tradition. She is usually called upon for the purpose of divination, second sight, and gaining information on what is really going on in a situation.keywords: hoodoo conjure rootwork Taliesin McKnight voodoo spell spells saints saint lucy magick folk magic occult occultism
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; hoodoo; conjure; rootwork; saint lucy; saint lucy hoodoo; hoodoo saint lucy; voodoo; magick; magic; folk magic; spells; spell; occult; occultism; magick; magick spell; magick spells; qabalah; saints; saint; st lucy; saint lucy; wicca; wiccan; pagan; paganism; witch; witchcraft; folk catholicism; new orleans; louisiana
Downloads: 97
[movies]Hermeticism & the Fall of Man - Taliesin McKnight
The ideas here presented on the Fall of Man are based primarily on the first treatise of the Corpus Hermeticum--the Poemandres. We must keep in mind that Hermetism and Hermeticism have no authoritative dogma, but should be viewed more as a movement or philosophy based on gnosis, and centering around the figure of Hermes Trismegistus. In the Poemandres treatise, Man is described as a divine being, equal to God...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; hermeticism; hermetic; hermetism; hermes trismegistus; fall of man; corpus hermeticum; hermetica; gnosis; gnositc; gnosticism; rosicrucian; occult; occultism; magick; alchemy; qabalah; pagan; paganism; poemandres; pymander; pimander; hermes; thoth; western esoteric; esotericism; mysteries; mystery school; egypt; consciousness; spirituality; religion; myth; divine; divine mind
Downloads: 124
[movies]History of the Trinity - Taliesin McKnight
The history of the Trinity and how this idea evolved in the Christian religion
Keywords: taliesin; mcknight; christian; christianity; jesus; christ; trinity; incarnation; god; divine; faith; bible; beliefs; roman; catholic; church; nicean; creed; council; of; nicea; father; son; holy; ghost; spirit; history; religion; world; comparative; evolve; the; idea; arius; athanasius; arian; heresy; triune; saint; agustine; gods; deity; deities; faiths; myth; mythology; dogma; doctrine; conspiracy; theory; judiasm; islam; abraham; scripture; writ; revelation; divinity
Downloads: 165 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Mirror of Solomon: The True Grimoire & the Angel Anael - Taliesin McKnight
This version of the "mirror of Solomon" comes from the True Grimoire (Latin: Grimorium Verum). This is a scrying device used to divine with the aid of the Angel Anael.Materials:*Black scrying mirror*White cloth*Red Paint*Appropriate incenseThis ritual actually takes 45 days to perform. During this period (a universal rule in grimoires) one should commit no sin in thought or deed, practice acts of kindness and piety, and try to be as spiritually "pure" as possible...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; grimoires; grimoire; true grimoire; grimorium verum; anael; angel; angel anael; summon; summoning; spirits; spirit; evocation; ceremonial magick; ceremonial magic; occult; occultism; magick; magic; folk magic; spells; spell; conjure; spirit evocation; summon spirits; scrying; scry; mirror; scrying mirror; black mirror; john dee; nostradomus; spirit communication
Downloads: 162
[movies]Occult Secrets Revealed: The Solar Myth - Taliesin McKnight
This is part of the "Occult Secrets Revealed" series on the Western Esoteric Tradition. The solar cycles were extremely important to many ancient cultures. The solstices and equinoxes are the basis of our modern calendar. Was there a "deeper" mystery here? If so, what is the deeper mystery? We are searching for the "hidden" secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition. Today, we examine this along with certain correspondences with regard to Rosicrucianism, alchemy, Hermeticism, tarot, ceremonial ma...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; tarot; alchemy; rosicrucian; rosicrucianism; hermtic; hermeticism; hermetism; secret society; magick; occult; occultism; golden dawn; thelema; solar; myth; pagan; paganism; wicca; wiccan; golden dawn; thelema; tarot; astrology; zodiac; solstice; equinox; wheel of the year; crowley; hermes; hermes trismegistus; gnosticism; gnostic; gnosis; hermetica; sun; occult; occultism; alchemy; alchemical; myteries; mystery school; mystery schools; esoteric; mysticism; mystic; mystical; spirit; spiritual; enlightenment; initiation
Downloads: 238
[movies]Magick Occult Radio:The Magick Circle & Preliminaries to Ritual - Taliesin McKnight
Welcome to Magick & Occult Radio! Today's topic is the magick circle and the preliminaries to ritual.  Our host is Taliesin McKnight and the co-host is the Vayu Tiger. We will explore the methods and techniques of practical occultism to cause changes in our lives. Related topics include witchcraft, Hoodoo, ceremonial magick, Chaos Magick, astrological talismans, among many other arcane arts. Welcome to the show!
Keywords: magick occult radio; taliesin mcknight; vayu tiger; magick; magic; folk magic; circle; magick circle; magic circle; circle magick; wicca; wiccan; pagan; paganism; key of solomon; goetia; lemegaton; qabalah; evocation; spirit; spirits; hermetic; hermeticism; grimoires; grimoire; cast circle; circle casting; chaos; hoodoo; voodoo; thelema; golden dawn; witch; witchcraft; sorcery; astrology; astrological; ritual; occultism; occult; magick; radio
Downloads: 85
[movies]Magick Occult Radio: How to Summon Spirits & Work with the Dead - Taliesin McKnight
Welcome to Magick Occult Radio: Exploring Spells, Conjuration, & Practical Occultism! Our hosts are Taliesin McKnight and Vayu Tiger. We will explore the methods and techniques of practical occultism to cause changes in our lives. Related topics include witchcraft, Hoodoo, ceremonial magick, Chaos Magick, astrological talismans, among many other arcane arts. Welcome to the show! In this week's episode, we will discuss the tools and techniques for successfully working with the Spirits according t...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; magick occult radio; magick; occult; radio; vayu tiger; occult; occultism; magick; spells; spell; hoodoo; grimoire; grimoires; key of solomon; wicca; wiccan; pagan; paganism; astrology; talismans; talisman; conjure; hoodoo; rootwork; thelema; chaos; chaos magick; magic; magick; abramelin; summon; dead; summon dead; how to; summoning; summon spirits; summoning spirits; evocation; evoke; invocation; ancestors; ancestor; satanism; dead; ghost; qabalah; hermetic; hermeticism; hermetism; luciferian; luciferianism; gnosis; spirits; spirit; summoning spirits; summon a spirit; spiritual; theistic; lavey; laveyan; gnostic; occultism; occult; goetia; astrological
Downloads: 160
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